Hi! I'm Falisha.

I'm an inclusion-focused skills development professional with a background in neuroscience, currently based in Montreal, Canada. 

I'm passionate about brains - how they function, how they change with experience, and how we can best use them to achieve our potential. I hold a PhD in Neuroscience from McGill University, where I studied brain structure in dancers and musicians.

Currently, I work in the fields of skills development and equity, diversity and inclusion in the university setting. I create opportunities for individuals to fill their brains with knowledge and skills that will facilitate success in school, work and personal endeavours. I design and teach programming for university students focused on science communication, coding, interpersonal skills, career planning and more.​ Ensuring accessibility and integrating equity education throughout my training activities are top priorities. 

When I'm not helping others explore new avenues for their development, you can find me exploring new locales with my camera in tow. Check out some of my favourite spots in my travel photography portfolio.

Interested in learning more about any of my projects, or discussing a professional collaboration? Get in touch!

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